Permanent Birth Control For Women

Permanent birth control for women is a choice, and for others it is a medical necessity. Currently there are several methods of permanent birth control methods that prove to be effective, in preventing pregnancy. Tubal ligation is one method of sterilization that involves tying, clipping or burning the ends of the fallopian tubes. This method is successful in preventing the egg from entering the uterus, where it has the possibility of being fertilized. The procedure used to perform this method of sterilization is called electro-cauterization. Years ago, this procedure was performed vaginally, and recovery time took weeks or even months. Today there are safer alternatives to the traditional tubal ligation. There are currently three types of tubal ligations that can be performed. A minilaparotomy is done within a 48-hour period after the mother has given birth. This procedure takes an average of up to 20 minutes to complete. This procedure requires no major surgery and can done while the patient is under local anesthesia. This method of permanent sterilization for women have been preferred more so than oral contraceptives. The second type of tubal ligation is the laparoscopic. It involves placing carbon dioxide inside the abdomen, by means of a …

History of Condoms

1000 BC First use of some form of condoms can be traced back several thousand years back in history. It is known that even the ancient Egyptians around 1000 BC used a linen cloth in the form similar to condom to protect themselves against disease. 100-200 AD The earliest evidence of condom use in Europe comes from the cave drawings in Les Combarelles, France. 1500s- the sixteenth century The first known published record, which is the description and study of condom use as a prophylactic, was recorded in Italy. Gabrielle Fallopius claimed that he is the inventor of linen protection cover for the penis and that he conducted the research in 1100 men who used this protection. None of the 1,100 men were infected with syphilis. Having recognized the usefulness of condoms in protecting against infection, it was only later understood contraceptive role of condoms in preventing pregnancy. In the sixteenth century first condom improvements were made when the first flax fabric was soaked in a chemical solution and dried before use – that was the first spermicidal condom. Eighteenth century Condoms made from animal intestines appeared in use. However, they were quite expensive which had the unfortunate result in … www.oralporn Apk Clans Mp3 Wover Desain Rumah Anda Svetogama Bloglow Movie Explore Street Wize UPL 24 XmodApps Free Seo Tools Download Apk Android Apk Center SEO Navi